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Basic information

  • Area: 6,417.9 km2 (2,478.0 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +61
  • Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
  • Population (EST): 1,972,358
  • Official language: English
  • Time Zone: UTC+8 (AWST)

10 Reasons to Visit Perth

1. Perth is a remarkable city in Western Australia, and with the beautiful natural landscape and charming locals, travelers always find endless ways to stay entertained in the sunny city. Kings Park is not to be missed when traveling to Perth. It is here that one can get a view of the beautiful skyline, go for a walk on the rolling pathways, or lounge on the grassy fields. It's the largest park in the Southern Hemisphere, so it's guaranteed that it won't feel too crowded. Overlooking the Swan River, the Park has a nice, peaceful feeling to it. In fact, the park is revered as a sacred space by the aboriginal peoples of Australia.

2. The waterside suburb known as Cottesloe Beach is just a short 15 minute drive from Perth. It's the ideal spot to sit and watch the sun gently set over the Indian Ocean at dusk. The perfectly clear waters make snorkeling, surfing, and swimming an unforgettable experience. One can also enjoy the numerous cafes and cozy bars along the water.

3. The Greenhouse Restaurant is one of Perth's hotspots for dining. It's an interesting building designed with a spirit of sustainability. The exterior is literally covered with a vertical garden and over 4000 pots filled with strawberry plants and ivy. Straw bales cover the walls and the ceiling, and if that wasn't enough shrubbery, there's a rooftop garden that provides fresh produce for the kitchen. The wood fired pizza is a local favourite.

4. Perth is the perfect city for walking, with its numerous paths and flat, wide streets. Taking a walking tour is an excellent way to see the whole city and provides some nice, light exercise. Tours are conducted most days of the week, and usually led be a local that can share tidbits about Perth's history and culture. It's fun to take in the atmosphere of the city on these little jaunts, and there's plenty to see along the tourist trail.

5. One thing that Perth is best known for is its sunsets. In fact, the dazzling colours across the city's sky as the sun is setting are quite legendary. The best way to see it is by getting cozy in a local bar or restaurant by the beach. Sit back, relax, and enjoy nature's most stunning show. It's a sight one cannot soon forget.

6. Rottnest Island is a fabulous day trip from Perth. The locals call it "Rotto" and it's the best island getaway off the western shore of Australia. There are over 60 splendid beaches and bays, perfect for water sports, or just relaxing the day away. It's fun to see the whole island by bicycle if the weather is nice, which it almost always is. There are also other sporting opportunities on the island, such as tennis, golf, kayaking and fishing. Rotto is an exquisite place to escape to. Popular amongst businessmen taking a sojourn, and families on their annual holiday, it's impossible to not be captivated by the beauty of the island.

7. Perth is home to the delightful Swan River Cruise that takes travelers from the city to nearby Fremantle, or "Freo" as the locals lovingly call it. From the cruise there is a stunning view of Perth's skyline. There's also a glimpse into the life of the wealthy locals, as along the coast are the most expensive homes in the entire country. Once in Fremantle, enjoy the lovely cafes and seafood restaurants, as well as delightful markets and maritime charm.

8. Perhaps the simplest reason for visiting Perth is the weather. The city enjoys more days of sunshine than any other city in Australia. With an average of 8.8 hours a day of sunshine, and an average summer temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius, it's tough to feel gloomy when spending a warm afternoon in the sunny city.

9. The lifestyle in Perth is understandably relaxing, thanks to its easy-going pace and peaceful surroundings. Unlike the other major cities in Australia like Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, there are fewer inhabitants in Perth and thus a more languid pace dominates. You see many smiles on the residents' faces, and better hospitality. That's what makes the city such a special location for tourists and those who just need a break from the hustle and bustle.

10. For those who enjoy the convergence of food, wine, and nature, (and quite frankly, who doesn't?) Margaret River is the perfect place to unwind and stimulate the tastebuds. With the Margaret River region's relaxed approach and famous selection of food and wine, it's no wonder that it is an Australian favourite.

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