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Basic information

  • Area: ~30 km2 (11.58 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +260
  • Currency: Zambian kwacha (ZMW)
  • Population (EST): 455,194
  • Official language: English, other
  • Time Zone: CAT (UTC+2)

10 Reasons to Visit Ndola

1. Charming Nchanga Golf Club

Ndola is home to the most luxurious golf course in all of Zambia, and it's highly popular amongst businessmen hoping to get some work done on the wide expanses of green lawn. This is where the Zambian Open is help, a popular event that the locals are quite proud of. There are 18 holes of sumptuous parklands and woodlands, expertly maintained, that make for an amazing afternoon of sport amidst some of Zambia's most cherished nature. There is also a driving range on site, as well as a fine clubhouse. Whether you're just popping in for lunch, or improving your swing on the course, there's no need to be a member to enjoy the sprawling and lush scene.

2. Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage

This animal park is a gem to visit. The Chimfunshi Willife Orphanage lyes on the Kafue River, and there are a number of extraordinary animals that call it home. Take for instance the famous chimpanzee population that thrives here. Thanks to the care of David and Sheila Siddle, the orphanage provides sanctuary to a number of rare and extraordinary animals. The Orphanage is open most of the day and welcomes its visitors with open arms. Go and see the amazing work that the Siddle's are doing to preserve some of Zambia's most amazing wildlife.

3. Shopping

No trip to Ndola is complete without taking advantage of the wealth of shopping opportunities. It should be noted that these opportunities take a little bit of a drive, but once you're there, it's worth the travel. For instance, Manda Hill is the first official mall of Zambia, and is home to the GAME stores, which are basically South Africa's answer to Walmart. Although on the surface this doesn't seem like a huge draw, in reality, it's fascinating and features some more popular boutiques like Woolworths, PEP, Mr. Price, and numerous book stores, coffee houses, and clothing stores.

4. Kabwata Cultural Village

It's a little bit a drive from Ndola (277 km) but well worth the trip to make it out to this oasis of crafting. Here, woodcarvers who live in the village sell their wares and create their carvings right in front of you. This is a great place to purchase Zambian gifts and treasures at a very low price. There are also some wonderful pieces from Zimbabwe and other countries nearby. It's possible to talk directly to the craftsmen and hear about their techniques, as well as listen to some interesting stories and anecdotes.

5. Wildlife

No trip to Ndola is complete without visiting the exciting KaingU Safari Lodge. Located right on the Kafue River, the lodge provides a number of wonderful, river-based activities and sites. The lodge also offers walking and driving trips that allow you to see the most sacred wildlife of Zambia. Also notable is the popular destination of Zongwe, which is the largest commercial Nile crocodile farm. In fact, it is the biggest in Africa. Crocodiles are bred on this farm for their meat and their skin, which the locals can easily use for sustenance and materials. Some of the biggest crocs are over 5m long, and thank goodness an encounter with them is not too up-close and personal. Tours are available to highlight unknown aspects about these prehistoric reptiles. It's certainly an exciting learning experience, but not for the faint of heart.

6. Lake Tanganyika

The marvelous Lake Tanganyika is located in the Rift Valley, and spans throughout 4 different countries. It is the world's longest lake, and must be seen to be believed. Here you'll find a rich world of aquatic life, including over 300 different species of fish, of which the most unique are not to be found anywhere else on the planet. There is a lot of recreational sport fishing that takes place here, and it's a wonderful location to spend the afternoon and enjoy the tranquil lakeside culture and activities.

7. Dzalanyama Forest Reserve

A quick hop and a jump from Ndola is the Dzalanyama Forest, which is rich with beautiful and exotic birds. If you're into birding you'll recognize such important names as the Pale-billed Hornbill, the Stieling's Woodpecker, the Miombo Pied Barbet, Boulder Chat, and so many more. This is a veritable bird-watcher's paradise, and is a remarkable way to spend the afternoon. The Reserve itself is rich with various flora and fauna, and offers a peaceful and soulful respite from the city.

8. Nsebe Resort

If you're looking to seriously relax while visiting Ndola, then a quick drive to Nsebe Resort is the answer. Enjoy a weekend amidst the sprawling nature of Zambia, and put up your feet. There are many wild animals to be found here, and opportunities for fishing and sports as well. The available cabins and chalets offer wonderful accommodation, and there are also tents for the more adventurous. The food here is superb, and comes from local farmers and fishers to ensure its freshness.

9. Community Development Village Experience

To get up close to the traditional village life of the people of Deka, there's no better place to go than the Village experience. You can take your time and stroll through the local homesteads, the village market, as well as the local school. This is a fantastic way to get a taste of what day to day village life is really like.

10. Mkuwazi Forest Reserve

The Mkuwazi Forest Reserve, with its lush evergreen forest, is something that no traveler soon forgets. Those who enjoy hiking should put this destination at the top of their list. There are a number of guided hikes that are available, where an expert in conservation can easily explain the exciting, unseen details that surround you.

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