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Basic information

  • Area: 360 km2 (140 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: +260
  • Currency: Zambian kwacha (ZMW)
  • Population (EST): 1,460,566
  • Official language: English, other
  • Time Zone: SAST (UTC+2)

10 Reasons to Visit Lusaka

1. Crocodile Farm

Getting a close look at big crocs is one of the huge draws of Lusaka At the famous crocodile farm you can also have a close encounter with some amazing snakes and beautiful, regal tortoises. There is also a lovely pond for fishing and a swimming pool. This location is popular amongst families and open from 9.00 till 18.00 every day. Take in the lush scenery and experience up-close the reptiles that are both interesting and enchanting.

2. Lusaka City Market

Nestled in the centre of the city is the enjoyable Lusaka City Market. The Market is covered by an expansive roof, and there are 4,000 different stalls that sell various interesting products such as clothes, CDs and DVDs. The food is also definitely worth the trip, and is piping hot and loaded with local spices and flavours. Even if you don't need to buy anything, the Market is a great place to stroll and get a peek into the day to day life of Lusaka.

3. Lusaka National Museum

The National Museum of Lusaka tells the story of the history of Lusaka, and is broken up into 4 different sections. You can see marvelous paintings, maps, and sculptures from local and nearby artists. There's a whole exhibit on which-craft which is fascinating and alluring. Admission is cheap, but the museum is rich with cultural amusements.

4. Day Trip to Chaminuka

Just outside the city of Lusaka is the private game park known as Chaminuka. The park is vast, and one of the best safari experiences near Lusaka. Cats have their own private section in the park, and they're gorgeous when you see them up close. There are also elephants, antelope, zebra, and many Kudu. Also attached to the nearby lodge is a lovely restaurant where it's possible to refresh yourself with some of the best local fare. Enjoy a never-ending buffet lunch, and relax in the tranquil environment. Driving tours are available within the park, and this is a fantastic way to see all the major highlights while kicking up your heels. With a one day pass, you'll be able to see all the special animals and scenic vistas.

5. Business Functions and Charming Cheese Tastings

If the natural wildlife of Chaminuka wasn't enough, there's a highlight that very few people know about. Local cheese is made right on the grounds, and cheese tastings are available every day to visitors. The cheese is delicious, and a wonderful refresher at the end of a long day of safari. This is just another reason why Chaminuka is so popular amongst travelers, and is also a great location for business functions and events. Their are well appointed rooms to stay overnight, and it's not uncommon for families to spend a weekend on the grounds.

6. Lusaka National Museum

The Lusaka National Museum is quaint, but charming, and well worth the trip. There is a great exhibit highlighting the fight for independence, and the history surrounding the birth of Lusaka as a city. It doesn't take too much time to see all that the museum has to offer, but you'll be pleased that you took a stroll down its halls and learned a little more about the city's interesting history.

7. Cathedral of the Holy Cross

In 1970, the Archbishop Oliver formally consecrated this cathedral, and it's certainly quite beautiful. Religion means a great deal to the people of Lusaka, and this is a nice stop on one's itinerary. The Cathedral is beautiful both inside and out, and there are opportunities to observe mass and light candles at the sanctuary.

8. Soweto Market

Soweto Market is the best of its kind in Lusaka, and you can find pretty much anything under the sun here. Whether you're looking for clothes, bags, shoes, or souvenirs, this is the place to find it all at an affordable price; if you're willing to haggle. It should also be noted that if you're not feeling well, a trip to the traditional healer could possibly get you the medicine that will make it all better. The market is a fantastic place to get a taste of the local characters of Lusaka.

9. Lilayi Lodge

Just south of Lusaka is one of the finest resorts in Africa: Lilayi Lodge. Set in the original Miombo woodlands, you'll find plentiful varieties of animals such as antelope, impala, roan, hartebeest, giraffe, zebra, and so many more. The birdlife is unparalleled, with over 300 species inhabiting the skies. There are a number of game drives available so that you can see these species, and there are also bush walks, horseback safaris, and fantastic food and beverages provided on the outdoor verandah. The exquisitely well-appointed, luxurious rooms and chalets are open year-round. This is a popular destination for business conferences, as well as weddings and other special events.

10. Lilayi Elephant Nursery

No trip to Lilayi, or Lusaka, is complete without seeing the charming elephant nursery. Located within the game farm of Lilaya Lodge, the nursery is a refuge for rescued elephant calves. Once they're received the care they need to make it through the most vulnerable and formative months of their youths, they're moved to the Kafue Release Facility, where they make their way into the world. From the viewing dock, visitors get a chance to see the calves feed and roam about. This is a site not to be missed.

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