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Gooderson DumaZulu Lodge & Traditional Village

Gooderson DumaZulu Lodge & Traditional Village

Enjoy the uniqueness of Gooderson DumaZulu Lodge & Traditional Village where you can find authenticity at its best! We provide our guests the perfect opportunity to benefit from a traditional Zulu experience - from the accommodation that depicts the various cultures and tribes of South Africa, to a spine tingling sangoma consultation and our own functioning Zulu traditional village.

If that’s not enough, we have also added to our offering a Walk Thru Bird & Reptile Park complete with a larger-than-life walk through aviary that is home to a wonderful collection of winged friends, including split white California quails, blue winged kookaburra and more.

After spending time with our airborne friends, enjoy the thrill of our Reptile Park where we have a host of fascinating creatures - sure to take your breath away. To round off the experience, guests can enjoy encounters with duiker, mongoose, bush babies and more along the pathways.

After meeting the amazing array of creatures, be sure to get to know our friendly team. Our DumaZulu staff are proud of their restaurant that is becoming popular for its traditional Zulu lunch served in an open thatched dining room.

Contact details

Lot H2, Bushlands Road, Hluhluwe, 3960
Tel: +27 (0) 35 562 0144
Web: visit website

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