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Content and photos courtesy of Beijing Tourism

Basic information

  • Area: 16,410.54 km2 (6,336.14 sq mi)
  • Calling Code: 10
  • Currency: Renminbi (yuan)(¥)[g] (CNY)
  • Population (EST): 21,150,000
  • Official language: Standard Chinese
  • Time Zone: China Standard

Beijing – Events

Shanghai International Film Festival

Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) began in 1993, is one of the largest film festivals in Asia, and has been called "the world's fastest growing international film festival". It is organized by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV and Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group.

Annually gathering famous filmmakers from all around the world and presenting the latest Chinese films, SIFF has become the best window showing the strength of Chinese films to the world. More and more Asian filmmakers take the film festival as the most important opportunity to promote their films.
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Xinjin Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race is one of the traditional customs for the south people of China on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month of Chinese calendar. Chinese call this day as Duan-Wu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival). Although Chengdu is in the north of Yangtze River, it is also the ground of water country. Xinjin County, located in the southern part of Chengdu, with a big river called Nanhe River, has an excellent geographical condition for dragon boat racing, so dragon boat race has a very long history.
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Wangcongci Singing Contest

Wangcongci Singing Contest is the only existing Han singing contest in the world. Local farmers sing folk songs to dispel the tiredness of labor, express wishes for a bumper harvest, and express feelings of love. Sichuan opera, folk dancing, and Sichuan-flavored snacks are also included.
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Xindu Lotus Festival

Gui Lake in Chengdu has a long history of lotus flower cultivation and is one of the top ten lotus appreciation sites in China. Located near the Panda Research Center, Chengdu is a beautiful stopover place for visitors to China.

The festival celebrates the beautiful lotus flower, which has been celebrated in classical Chinese music and poetry for thousands of years.
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Saga Dawa Festival

The Saga Dawa Festival honors the life of Buddha. Along with remembering Buddha and his activities, the main point of the festival is to pray. It is said by many that the goal of the festival season is to pray for the long life of all the holy gurus of all traditions, for the survival and spreading of Buddha’s teachings in the minds of all sentient beings, and for world peace.
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